Talent Show

By: Taylor Wood


Just before our glorious Christmas vacation, our school had a very brief talent show. The talents ranged from beautiful singing voices all the way to the fastest way to tie your shoes. The show kicked off with Mariah Williams and Cy Stevens performing the song “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette. Afterwards, we had the pleasure of listening to Shannon Dotson sing “Silent Night” with Sharla Swapp as her accompanying guitarist. Then Sherra Swapp and Emily Taggart sang a duet to the song “Christmas Must be Something More” by Taylor Swift. Jocee Campeau then performed a beautiful dance that I am sure everyone loved. After which, Melissa Blincoe, accompanied by her two older sisters, Brenna and Briann Blincoe, sang the “Zombie Song.” Last, but certainly not least, Murphy Collins, along with Mariah Williams and Katie Pectol, expertly tied their shoes faster than the eyes could see.

Great job to all, and thanks for sharing your talents with us.